Actual Organizations as opposed to factions that you may earn favor with; these include adversaries. Information will be updated as it is made clear or uncovered. Back to Main Page and Home Page

Imperium of Man:

Legio Innovatio Millitant:
The attempt of Ordo Innovatio to make a chamber militant, not much is known however they will be participating directly in the assault on the Ghalis System.

Doctus Belli:
The attempt of Ordo Abditus to make a chamber militant. They are extremely well armed and armored and are a significantly sized force. They are highly suspected of having access to many unusual and rare pieces of equipment.

Crusader’s Council:
The military ‘heads’ of operation Cassius. It consists of five representatives to oversee the military operations from all associated military branches. Perhaps tellingly despite having access to some private armies do not have a seat on the Crusader’s Council. The seats are as follows.
1) Imperial Navy Chair:
Admiral Raldir Erd of the Imperial Navy with command (for the moment) of both the Caladar Crusader Fleet, and Battlefleet Auria.
2) Imperial Guard Chair:
Lord General Halathur Kree, brought out of retirement and still assembling his command Halathur is a veteran at fighting Tyranids, Tau, Orks and Eldar.
3) Adepta Soroitas Chair:
Canoness Linda Narthon, she is the head of a minor militant order known as the Crusader’s Of The Blessed Dawn but has been given full command over the clerics and Adepta Soroitas members involved in the campaign.
4) Adeptus Mechanicus Chair:
The organization seems to flip-flop on who actually has the chair, which is fairly odd given that they probably have the single most influential seat. The two individuals who seem to share the seat are Systems Praetor Rendai-Aplha006, in charge of the Veruz System and both forge world’s defenses he is notably not of the cult of the omnissiah obtaining the rare rank by merit. The other individual is Arch Tech Magos Terine-Omnicron-0052-Gamma-Prime.
5) Comissariat Chair:
Commissar Feder Kalvick, the poor fifth in the Crusader’s Council with little influence. This is notable as the chair would of been likely given to either the Rogue Trader’s Union who are supposed to donate private troops to the campaign, or the Adeptus Astares who are strangely absent in this campaign.

Tau Empire:

Ghalis Cadre:
It is suspected the Tau have a taskforce to look into the Ghalis system and possibly conquer it. Little is known about this ‘Ghalis Cadre’ save it exists, has made some very limited contact with the people in the Ghalis system and has some humans adherents to it.

Caladar Cluster:

Quintilliate Equina:
The current rulers of the Ghalis System including the pivotal world of Ghalis IV. It is suspected they own two to four more systems as some sort of micro-empire. They are known to be significantly more tolerant of mutation than the Imperium and more egalitarian. Details are scare and hard to come by however they seem to have no psykers leading some to speculate that perhaps psykers are killed at birth. They are outside the Imperium and did engage in dialogue with it in addition to the Tau.


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