Ordo Toxicum


The Ordo Toxicum is a minor order of the Inquisition with specific remit unto the study, cure and manufacture of poisons and toxins. They are a small group, however they have sizable influence in some sectors and especially with Magos Biologis and Imperial Assassins for which they may loan or give some of their poisons. In addition to poison and toxins, the Inquisitors of the Ordo Toxicum are known for their medical knowledge and ability to acquire unheard of toxins, antidotes or even combat drugs – which they usually are willing to give samples of to those who aid them. One known quirk of the group is they only possess one Lord Inquisitor at a time and preach that all save are equals within the organization; most of these Inquisitors are former physicians, doctors, assassins, apothecaries, alchemists or even adepta soritas hospitaliers.

Membership and numbers:

It is unknown the exact number of Ordo Toxicum inquisitors, however they are at least a few hundred in strength and no more than possibly eight thousand. The Ordo Toxicum’s membership is nearly evenly divided between two main groups, one consisting of doctors and medicae personel and the other portion consisting of assassins of the officio assassnourium and imperial saboteurs. A handful come from backgrounds other than this, but they are extremely rare in the Ordo Toxicum. In terms of composition the Ordo Toxicum has precisely one Lord Inqusitor at any one time, and finally it is a well known fact that an interrogator is seen as on the path of being an inquisitor of this ordos and thus will attend meetings of full inquisitors.


In the Ordo Toxicum there is a hierarchy of a Lord Inquisitor at the top, who serves as a first among equals and leader of the entire organization. Below lies the actual inquisitors who are rated as equals to one another. Recognizing the virtues of having a leader, when more than two inquisitors of the Ordo Toxicum are working together a Overseer is appointed to task who serves as a mediator, and a leader. Bizarrely enough Interrogator’s are considered part of the organization if not full inquisitors and thus receive considerably more leeway within the Ordo Toxicum than in other Ordos being considered more junior inquisitors than anything else.

Modus Operendi:

The Ordo Toxicum usually works individually or in pairs of inquisitors. Usually each inquisitor has one interrogator with them along with a retinue of 4-8 trusted agents.

Ordo Toxicum

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