MapTool Tools

This page is a list of various changes and alterations to the WH40k statistics and macros for MapTools.

Any requests for additional ones should be made in the comments section and I will endeavor to meet those desires.


AmmunitionSP (SPAmmo)
SPClip (ClipSP)
AmmunitionLas (LasAmmo)
LasClip (ClipLas)
AmmunitionOther (OTAmmo)
OTClip (ClipOT)
Weapon Skill (WS)
Ballistic Skill (BS)
Strength (Str)
Toughness (T)
Agility (Ag)
Intelligence (Int)
Perception (P)
Willpower (WP)
Fellowship (Fel)
*Wounds (Wounds)
Credits (Credits)

For the most part these are self explanatory, you have your base statistics as well as your wounds. Additionally you also have the ability to track credits and ammunition for up to three weapons.

Current macro set can be found Here


1: Download the macroset from the above link.

2: Import into maptools.

3: Edit text as needed.

4: Ensure your token is set to use the WK40k properties.

5: Enjoy.

Current Macro’s

Presently there are ammo tracking, credit tracking and standard attack macros, these are all stored on your token. Be sure your token is properly configured in order to use them.

MapTool Tools

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