The semi-tropical death world known as Malfax was settled albeit sparsely before the Imperium was present. Records are exceptionally fragmentary, some suggesting that an alien race was present earlier and only driven out at extreme cost with soldiers remaining behind to guard against the threat, or that it was a small human outpost which fell into disarray, a research station which guarded dire knowledge. It is strongly suspected that in those times the world was not as deadly as it is now. Regardless there was a small human presence who eked out a living here.

They were re-discovered in 982.M32 by Adeptus Mechanicus explorators who took great notice of the ruins, establishing an orbital presence above the surface of the planet, cataloging the beasts and technologies found within as best they could. Ultimately it proved far too risky for too little gain and they moved on for the most part, leading to it being largely forgotten save as a small waystation. This changed in the 33rd millenium when Saint Alwina famously came here bringing faith and the Imperium here, walking amongst the tribes and famously acquiring a large contingent of warriors from the populace which destroyed an enemy alien force attempting to resupply on the surface.

This single act had somewhat more far reaching consequences, as Malfax’s place on the warp routes was ensured leading to the small orbital infrastructure being greatly expanded, and the discovery of rare ore – sadly only in tiny quantities on the two main continents, but rather abundant on the northern continent, which lead to settlement there and the stirring of many large predators.

Malfax however did not have much other significance, barring occasional excitement over asteroids encountered in the system, or thoughts of a larger shipyard which never appeared until the dawn of the 37th millennium when it was to play host to another battle between the Imperium and the foul Xenos. Saint Sudur had overextended her forces fighting the foul Xenos, cut off from the greater Imperium and here they attempted to cut her supply lines in a devastating counter-attack, and here in space they were repelled at very high cost, nearly destroying the orbital infrastructure and dry dock present. One bright note that shines on the natives is despite the risk and danger, when imperial ships went down or escape pods launched from the battle the tribal leaders went to them and launched many a great trek over the planet’s surface through hordes of incredibly dangerous beasts to bring them to a bastion of imperial order. Of all those who made it to the surface an incredible 60% of those thought lost were returned, granted oft times months or years later, to the imperium preserving many bright minds.

Currently Malfax is a quiet place, frequently however visitors some to smuggle the predatory beasts out, some to try and spread the word of the god-emperor to the most distant and isolated parts of the world, and others hoping to catch a glimpse or make use of the rare and scattered ruins present on the world. Mostly it is a stop over however for the Imperial Navy and a place to restock on fuel, make some repairs and rest.

Culture and Society

Malfax society is determined essentially by where you were born as the three social groups rarely interact. The first are those born in orbitals, and will likely live their entire lives without setting foot on the planet reliant upon its location which leads to many stop overs from all kinds of vessels whose service provides their livelihood. Easily the best living standards, and known to be insular with an eye for measurement and steadiness in space.

Those on the northern continent contend daily with smaller predators, a native mutant population, and many toxic chemicals and tectonic activity to acquire rare metals. It is an a harsh life, but those who make it here, especially the independent prospectors who work away from the communal mines are renowned for their hardiness and skill with the various mining equipment and other technologies of the Imperium.

Finally those on the southern two continents who eke out a meager subsistence living as hunter-gatherers, whose lives are simple hunting using the toxins naturally found in their environment as an equalizer between them and the truly brutal beasts which stalk the lands, and the less than welcoming plant life. Widely known for exceptional hardiness, ferocity and skill at melee they are often recruited into the Imperial Guard.



♦ 1 Billion (Estimated), 80 million in various orbiting habitats, asteroid mines and colonies, 315 million scattered about the northern continent, and the rest or an estimate of the rest lying on the two southern continents, many dispute the figure however, especially since there are no permanent settlements on the southern continents.

Tithe Grade

♦ Solutio Secundus


♦ Malfax consists of a small northern continent near the northern pole, home to large scale volcanic activity which continually replenishes the mines there and many small islands around this northern continent home to small mining communities or fishing and agricultural communities. The southern two continents are named Stalked and Hunted and are home to strange ruins and fierce hunter-gatherers which are thought to make up the bulk of the population.


♦ Oligarchy between the heads of the mining guilds on the northern continent and the heads of various orbitals and asteroid colonies, the head of which is selected as the Planetary Governor.

Planetary Governor

♦ Arch-Chancellor Urguth Nathe

Adept Presence

♦ Due to one of the more miraculous events of not one but both saints of the Auria Sector, there are many shrines thankfully safely in orbit and a good sized presence of Adepta Soroitas watching over them and the waystation itself. In addition the mechanicus has long held an interest here, and several outlying asteroids are outright owned by them.


♦ Small and much more reliant on a consistent naval presence for protection. Estimated PDF size of 800,000, all located on the northern continent to protect resources present.


♦ Malfax is mostly a stop over point, however it does export some raw materials from it surface and from orbit, and fix ships.


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