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Locations thus far:

Auria System:
This is where you the players will start out at before disembarking for the Caladar Star Cluster the main focus of the campaign. Intelligence briefings will be sent back here. It is in charge of the tiny Auria sub-sector which shares a direct border with the Tau. The system itself is home to five worlds, one gas giant, three rocky worlds and an icy world. It has many shipyards and is a significant fleet base. Auria is head of a local sector, the Auria sector which directly borders the Tau Empire.

Auria Sector:
This sector is not very well defined and lies Terra realitive on the ‘top’ of the milky way, with less than a hundred worlds present. This might have been your character’s home, it shares a border with the Tau Empire’s ‘topmost’ colonies. The sector itself along with the neighboring Tau worlds have tried some flanking maneuvers against each other or the occasional feint, however and either side no worlds have been exchanged. From here all Caladar Star Cluster expeditions will be launched. Further Reading Auria Sector

Caladar Star Cluster:
The site of the main action and meat of the campaign, this region of space is ‘above’ the ‘plane’ of the milky way galaxy and until recently did not appear on any star charts. It lies at the very edge of the Astronomicron’s reach and ‘flickers’ seeming at times to be invisible and non existent. It lies ‘over’ the Imperium’s border with the Tau Empire leading both to investigate the cluster. Many different and highly unusual societies are present including bizarrely enough many humans who claim to know almost or nothing of the Imperium and shelter within many ‘micro-empires’ the extent of which is unknown, in addition many arcane buts of technology are rumored to be here. Structurally there is somewhere around twenty thousand stars in the cluster that can be seen, with a central nebula and the remnants of an older nebula. Strangely enough many of these stars seem to bear multiple planets estimations are around four thousand to five thousand worlds here. Ghalis system is near an older nebula remnant and is the closest to Imperium space by a significant margin. Further Reading Calidar Star Cluster

Ghalis System:
Where you’ll be arriving, specifically Ghalis IV which has a predominant civilization of humans on its surface. Ghalis IV has a large and inhabited moon known as Harrak. This system is the closest to the border and is deemed strategically vital by the Imperium. It is home to seven planets, three gas giants, three rocky worlds, an ocean world. There are Twenty-Seven moons in total within the system, and several large bands of asteroids mark the edge of the system. Ghalis III is an oceanic world with at least some humans present, Ghalis II is home to a mining colony and Ghalis I is an irradiated rock. Ghalis V and Ghalis VII both have orbital stations and many moons with some industry present, the state of Ghalis VI is unknown but like the other outer planetary gas giants it is suspected to be of some use. Ghalis System


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