Harrek's Message

The picture is dirty, unclean and fragmented. Words flow when not adorned with odd hisses and electronics caused stuttering. The screen clears up a bit to reveal a man in the most peculiar uniform with many markings of rank upon it. He pauses and waits a moment, his eyes dark with a demeanor of an ancient man despite possessing relative youth. Finally he begins to speak, with a calm demeanor albeit with strong overtones of emotion.

“To the refugees and Harrek my ever trusted Lieutenant and aide; given our recent adventures and our long journey through the stars I regret this course of action deeply. However, what measure is a that fickle creature known as man? To that end I think in these long years it is what we take with us, where we take root and how we conduct ourselves. By no means does this absolve me for what I am to do now, but it is the rationale behind my actions. As if providence was with us, this place appeared after briefly being thought lost.

We arrived at a world suitable for life, and we have the technology with us and now our refugees from the dozens of worlds we visited have a home. Most of all my reason is you Harrek, a chance to give you and your love to settle down and have a family. Selfish it may be, but even has humanity looked to its children and thus so do I, as you’ll note the refugees along with married personnel and those with children make up the vast majority of the landing party. The transports are already inbound, along with a few escorts"

The man's face contorts in pain as he pauses and then continues. "You might hate me but remember all that we've gone through, that those people have gone through. The worlds we went to where someone caused...something of the Empyrean to emerge. The worlds under attack by crazed xenological beings some of which seemed to come out of nowhere. The warp storms, and the ships that desperately left worlds about to be consumed. Remember the distress beacons and the nearly empty ships or the worlds left empty with our fleet being too late. The long nights wondering what our oath meant, and then the resolve that we had responsibility to those with us. You realize its been over twenty years since everything went south Harrek. Over twenty years of us wandering - but now you and yours and the refugees have a place, not some temporary shelter. A home to call your own. Dont fret so we've left beacons maybe...maybe if there are more survivors they might find us so be ready for them. So now I task you. Lead these people and serve them as you did so well in my fleet, on this ground let them be nurtured and look after any more survivors who stagger in."

The man grimaces and looks off into the distance before continuing with finality in his voice.

“We are leaving now, to meet up with the rest – some of the fleet has been left to you to defend, but focus on building and not war. I go to see whatever is further in, to see about any other colonists and the threat they whisper of, this Architect. I suspect I will not survive, nor will the rest of us return – but on the off chance we do survive our near suicidal march in these forlorn extra galactic stars I want to return to rest my weary bones on good soil. Rear Admiral Caltha Ymniez Harrek, of Terra’s Frontier and Exploration Fleet I give you command and I entrust you and the refugees along with other personnel of the Fleet to do a good job of it. May you roots dig deep, and know that is has been an honor.

The man salutes the screen. “As Admiral Ivan Celdri, of Terra’s Frontier and Exploration Fleet I take my leave embarking on my mission to explore, and to protect humanity wherever they might call home. Take care, and take root so you may prosper”

The message ends

Harrek's Message

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