Haarana of the Haarana System


Haarana was sparsely settled sometime in the late 32nd millennium by rogue traders who made cursory mining attempts on the scattered mesas above the vast abyssal plains. This was followed by setting up an orbital base in the system, but in the 33rd millennium the rogue trader responsible was slain along with all but a few hardy survivors on the mesas when Xenos forces attacked the system. The Xenos attempted to dig them out and establish settlements of their own but the surviving humans simply dug in deeper into the earth. Over forty years later with Saint Alwina in command, the first major victory of the combined command of Imperial and Rogue Trader forces was made here in the skies above Haarana with the Xenos ships caught in orbit above the planet, consequently as they were destroyed many of them rained down in an event celebrated on the planet as the Rains of Fire. The local humans on the mesas were liberated and freed, following an intense three month ground campaign by the Xenos forces who were wiped out.

Culture and Society

Haarana society is divided between classes, the Wardens consisting or arbites or even locals recruited to keep the prisoners under control who stand at the top, followed by the Fremasans who consist of free people living on the mesas above the vast abyssal plains. Below them are the criminals, assigned a code depending on how severe the crime was, in general the worse the crime the lower the plateau they work on and the more unpleasant the conditions – this state is used and taken advantage of by the Wardens, leading to many attempted penal rebellions being squished all for a possible reward of moving up a layer.



♦ 3.4 billion, roughly 172 million on the various mesas and thus free, the rest criminals.

Tithe Grade

♦ Decuma Prima


♦ Haarana consists of a few good sized mesas several kilometers above various abyssal plains separated by trenches filled with water, or massive rivers and small oceans at various heights. The lower you go in general the more inhospitable it becomes, complete with acid rain and a thicker atmosphere.


♦ Dictatorship by the Supreme Warden, who rules from a space station above the planet, with limited local autonomy given to those who live on the mesas in the form of local councils.

Planetary Governor

♦ Supreme Warden Tanther Dessikar

Adept Presence

♦ The Adeptus Mechanicus had a large presence, in the factories and mines of the world, but also near the famed trenches, rumor has it searching for lost Xenos tech or crashed ships. Large scale Arbites presence, a large number of them are trained here on academies located on the smaller mesas.


♦ Local PDF consists of trained and well equipped Fremasa soldiers from the various mesas numbering at around 600,000, and vast numbers of penal legionaries made up from the criminal bulk with constantly varying numbers, finally all backed up by a considerable Arbites presence.


♦ Haarana exports lower quality goods and material, especially military goods – namely ammunition and some leman russ/chimeras, finally they also tithe penal legions to support the sector.


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