Gaunt VII

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Gaunt System


Gaunt VII is a lost world. If you were to find the Gaunt system on a map, no small feat in and of itself, you would see the following: Gaunt I & II thrown off orbit and sent into the sun (See: Battle of Gaunt); Gaunt III a dead world with no worthwhile resources, Gaunt IV thrown off orbit and sent into the black of space (See: Battle of Gaunt); Gaunt V a gas giant, Gaunt VI a gas giant; Gaunt VI a gas giant.

Obviously an error was made listing Gaunt VI twice, but no one has cared or bothered to undertake the monumental challenge of facing the imperial bureaucracy to see it fixed in the 400 years since it was mistakenly mislabled.

Those who do know the planet realize the error hasn’t much changed things, ships sent on their long voyages still stop there, assuming they are using the same routes given 400 years ago, and Gaunt VII still gives it tithes of men and resources. In the meantime it has been spared much of the politics and been able to go largely unharassed by outsiders.

Originally the system was inhabited by a xenos of surprising technological advancement, particularly in the field of terraforming and was capable of setting the Imperiums own technology of terraforming ahead by centuries. Of course once they were destroyed and their worlds purged there wasn’t anything left, so thankfully we were all spared the possible heresies that may have been uncovered.

Gaunt VII however still had some functioning terraforming machine spirits and the northern pole was a perfect spot for a colony, which as we know, would 100 years later be lost. The colony would grow rapidly into the billions and the city would encompass the entirety of the habitable land. Skyscrapers of impossible heights would fill the sky and even then overcrowding on the lower tiers would be an issue.

Gaunt VII today shows what humanity could achieve when not encumbered by a vast bureaucracy, with some few advances being rediscovered. No doubt as soon as the secret of the xenos terraforming is found however the planet will be purged in the name of the emperor, as it should be.



♦ 17 Billion (estimated)

Tithe Grade

♦ Exactus Median


♦ Three main continents, the smallest covers the majority of the north pole which is habitable, the other two are completely covered in extremely cold temptures year round. Few sources of drinkable water, city is entirely dependant on xenos water filtration systems.


♦ Monarchic Republic

Planetary Governor

♦ Representative King Flavius Supremus

Adept Presence

♦ None.


♦ Planetary Defense Force of several million, including a small orbital fleet.


♦ Largely reliant of incoming trade for resouerces, Gaunt VII does have a strong industrial complex that manufactures lasgun components and charges in addition to advanced cybernetics.

Gaunt VII

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