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This page is to describe forces such as small arms forces, smuggling groups etc. It’ll be linked to the other sections soon to describe forces in a particular sector or area, and later the Order of Battle or OOB of various operations.

Auria Sector Imperial Guard Regiments:

(Elite) Night-stalkers:

The famed unit is one of Auria’s elite imperial guard regiments and Sector Lord Dartal Celvir always ensures this regiment is active and held in reserve. The Night-Stalkers come from Naloura and are a military unit specializing in night attacks, storm-trooper and infiltration tactics. They are taken from the best of the PDF and Imperial Guard soldiery who go beneath the clouds of Naloura to patrol, deal with mutants and ensure the safety of the few human mining settlements beneath the clouds which lie in eternal night. In order to catch any mutants or occasional xenos beast the Nightstalkers are well trained at fighting in the eternal night, and stealth enabling them to come at an enemy with surprise and being adaptable tactically to best split an enemy up and eliminate them piece-meal. They are almost entirely an infantry force with some artillery and apc’s, estimated strength: 14,000 guardsmen.

(Elite) Sacred Band:

The oldest ‘traditional’ regiment of the Auria Sector, the Sacred Band is famous in the region for its unique personnel decisions. Namely all members of the Sacred Band join with their spouse or soulmate and fight together, to the death if need be. They are famed as very ferocious fighters especially if their mate dies, assuming they survive combat they become part of the ‘forlorn’ companies and take place in the riskiest aspects of any combat the regiment is part of. Likewise uniquely, excepting the ‘forlorn’ companies promotion is handled uniquely, both mates are promoted at the same time to keep it equal – even if admittedly it might not have been the best decision. They originated from some of the Imperium’s earliest settlers in the region who fought as family groups against a small Ork incursion, though much of the history has long been lost. Current strength: 11,400 guardsmen.

(Elite) The Ten Thousand:

The Ten Thousand Dartal Celvir, Auria Sector Lord‘s private army composed of men and women who just dont seem to know how to die. Mostly drawn from guardsmen but with smatterings of other individuals, such as death cultists or convicts who have done heroic things the Ten Thousand are all equipped with power armor, some limited genetic altering and extensive cybernetics. They tend to use bolters, melta guns and even force or power weapons. On paper they are composed of six regiments of 2000 men each, with 250 man companies. Each ’regiment’ is clandestinely aboard a light cruiser where they are equipped with drop pods amongst other essential war gear to allow them to drop into the battlefield. Tactics wise they are use like space marines, which has led to problems with the Astares who view them as poor imitators and point out that despite the name of Ten Thousand, they are in actuality as twelve thousand numerically with a few hundred more in training to serve as replacements. Given that there are no space marine chapters in the Auria Sector, Dartal Celvir feels he is justified using this force as his ‘imitation marines’ – despite it leading to some tension between the space marines and the ruler of the Auria Sector. Strength: 12,000 in regiments, around 800 extra for replacements in the regiments.


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