This page is for additional factions that are worth paying attention to or that matter in the campaign. As more information is revealed they may acquire their own special pages, which will also detail party knowledge dealings with said groups. Back to Home Page and on a related note Locations

On factions:
You may earn favor or aid from a faction by doing intel reports for them or serving requests, each has unique goodies associated with it (Aside from your main provider of the Ordo Xenos) however please keep in mind favor with one may preclude favor with another. An example is the Ordo Innovatio and the Ordo Abditus who really really dislike each other, though both are working with and for the Ordo Xenos in this (In other words through diplomacy and social skills and grace you can minimize the fallout on having favor with one opposed to favor from another)

Ordo Xenos:
The Inquisitorial Order in charge of the expedition and the one who’ll issue you direct orders. You will report directly to Inqusitor Darlan Ethios who’ll be the one you primarily report to.Inqusitor Darlan Ethios The Ordo Xenos is heading up the expedition and as such you are assigned to them, with Darlan Ethios in command.

Ordo Toxicum:
Inquisitorial Minor Order; they may provide aid. The Ordo Toxicum is a minor order of the Inquisition with specific remit unto the study, cure and manufacture of poisons and toxins. They are a small group, however they have sizable influence in some sectors and especially with Magos Biologis and Imperial Assassins for which they may loan or give some of their poisons. In addition to poison and toxins, the Inquisitors of the Ordo Toxicum are known for their medical knowledge and ability to acquire unheard of toxins, antidotes or even combat drugs – which they usually are willing to give samples of to those who aid them. One known quirk of the group is they only possess one Lord Inquisitor at a time and preach that all save are equals within the organization; most of these Inquisitors are former physicians, doctors, assassins, apothecaries, alchemists or even adepta soritas hospitaliers. Further Reading Ordo Toxicum

Ordo Abditus:
Inquisitorial Minor Order; they may provide aid. This order has the nick name of the code breakers, and they have the power to help oversee military intelligence gathering and of course gathering information usually encrypted from enemy forces, including xenos, heretical cults and sometimes keeping tabs on people like Planetary Governors. They are true information experts and have thousands of contacts and are known for mathematical and linguistic capability – with knowledge of just where something they want is. They have access to the vast majority of the dirty laundry of the Imperium and have been known to use it to ensure rare technology or near forgotten technology comes there way, Admistratum inefficiencies are lessened, or a noble doesnt cause any issue. Inquisitors in this order do uniquely have a rigid hierarchy, are realitively pure ideologically and are very much a rising power in the Inquisiton growing in size. They date back to the founding and have many members of remarkably young ages in their ranks, are known for their knowledge of history and technological relics in their possession. Further Reading Ordo Abditus

Ordo Innovatio:
Inquisitorial Minor Order; they may provide aid. The Ordo Innovatio is an old group, but has frequently gotten very close to being purged altogether due to their mission. Fostering and Guiding innovation, original thought and invention – they work closely with some factions of the Adeptus Mechanicus and have had in a hand in virtually all of the original research done since the Imperium’s founding along with associated technological advancement. They are however a rising power especially due to the Tau, as they have – admittedly on very small scales given small resources – made effective technological counters to advancing Tau technology. They are one of the only sources of anything ‘new’ or ‘enhanced’ in the Imperium and are looked at very closely. They have a reputation and are extremely heavily represented by those few worlds with egalitarian and democratic ideals. Further Reading Ordo Innovatio

Ordo Callim:
Inquisitorial minor order; they may provide aid. The Ordo Callim is a fairly old order dating back to somewhere in the 32-33rd millennium. Even by the standards of the Inquisition they are secretive and rarely seen; what is known is they pursue a battle outside the Imperium’s borders, secret wars only they know often away from the Astronomicon’s Light or in unexplored and mostly uninhabited regions, such as the galactic core or the Eastern fringe, or even the halo stars. They are extremely mobile often with significant retinues and have a remit into investigating rogue traders (often causing tension with said rogue traders) and the unknown, though somewhat abnormally many of the Ordo Callim are rogue traders as well. Further Reading Ordo Callim

Caladar Rogue Trader Union:
A collection of several rogue traders working together to explore the star cluster; they may provide aid. This was founded when the Caladar Star Cluster opened up to trade and visitation, with remits to explore the region and make contact. They have access to more information than just about anyone else, however they are primarily interested in trade and economic opportunities. Furthering their goals may go along way to furthering your own with economic ties, unique trading goods such as xenos weaponery, information and even contacts back with the Imperium. It should also be noted that they do have private armies and fleets to help back them up.


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