Encounter at Pilgrim's Pause

Pilgrim’s Pause
Encounter at Pilgrim’s Pause


The Encounter at Pilgim’s Pause was a unexpected event where an Imperial fleet accidently ran into a rebel force fleeing from 47 Kapella. Outnumbered the Imperial fleet was quickly assaulted by the desperate force of rebels. Though casualties were high the Imperial fleet managed victory in no small part by the actions of Templar Secundus Aetius, whose bold assault took out the main enemy vessel. Assigned to a boarding party with a number of Imperial guardsmen, he managed to fight his way to the bridge and take out the command staff and disable the vessel. For his actions he was awarded the rank of Templar Primus, and also attracted the interest of the Ordo Xenos.


Battle Fleets
Imperial Navy: 1 Grand Cruiser, 2 Cruisers, 3 Transports, 2 destroyers
Rebel Fleet: 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, 3 Frigates
Casualties: 4000 Imperial losses, the Supremus Calixis(Grand Cruiser) damaged beyond repair
12000 rebel losses, 3 Cruisers destroyed, 1 Battleship captured, 3 Frigates destroyed.
Victor: Admiral Atillas Donavio, Imperial Fleet.
Commendations: Aetius Vigil, Templar Secundus, for actions rendered.

Encounter at Pilgrim's Pause

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