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This section will feature a time line and summary of past events (But not the actual adventure logs) and will be updated depending on what you have discovered/come up with.

Given what has become increasing importance (to me at least) about the Auria Sector, they shall be given a section to cover the history of the place. Auria Sector History

Pre-Imperial Times:

Unknown years ago: Ghalis’s founding → Harrek’s Message

Recent Events:

8 years ago: The Caladar Star Cluster ‘discovered’

7 years ago: After studying the situation many new warrants of trade arrive, making over a dozen new people Rogue Traders, with rare exception to trade only within the new found Caladar Star Cluster. Fearing exactly what might be out there due to a lack of historical records, these Rogue Traders decide within reason to share resources and potentially profits – at least until they have a better handle on what is present.

6 years ago: Contact made through Rogue Traders with the Ghalis System. First contact was a rather rough situation as it revealed some of the tech level of the Ghalis System – but it also revealed some of the history of the Ghalis System as leaving the system the Rogue Traders found an ancient satellite still functioning.

5 years ago: First trade contacts established between Rogue Traders and the Ghalis System. The exact details are hard to figure out, but the people of the Ghalis System seemed to have a use for raw materials and were apparently interested in the cybernetic interfaces of the tech-priests.

4 years ago: First trade goods from the Ghalis System arrive in the Imperium, cause much investigation, some originally thought to be items of Xenos manufacture. Amongst these goods were FTL Communications Devices, PCD’s (Personal Computing Devices) and rather advanced power cells, which after some discussion a few were custom made to fit Imperial devices such as the lasgun.

3 years ago: Inqusition becomes involved in the case, Imperium sends vessels to contact the government. This prompted an almost armed stand off, but the Imperium decided further negotiations were worth the effort especially due to intercessions of newly minted Rogue Trader Alwina.

2 years ago: The vessels arrive back and a lengthy diplomatic process begins with the goal of bringing the system into the Imperium. Along the way a more stable warp route to Ghalis is being plotted, and the Imperium has noticed that the Caladar Star Cluster moves, and confirmed the ‘flickering’ phenomenon, which can abruptly pop ships out of warp and disrupt (Very temporarily thankfully) psychic communication. This phenomenon only seems to interrupt things occurring in the warp within a close area of the Caladar Star Cluster and only if they are in progress.

1 year ago: Following the investigation, backup plan Cassius is given the green light by which the Imperium would prepare for a preemptive strike against the system to prevent any Xenos from taking it, negotiations begin to stall and the Tau are reported to have an interest in the system including contact. It is noted that the Adeptus Mechanicus are most insistant upon trying to conquer the system and an unprecedented quarter of the troops for Operation Cassius will be drawn from the Skiiati or Tech-Guard.

Present Day: Operation Cassius is still being prepared, rushed now that negotiations seem somewhat unlikely to succeed especially after something presumably a disaster has occurred on Ghalis IV the main world of the system, causing less communication if any to emerge in the past few months. Notably the people of Ghalis seem extremely confused as well, and the Imperium suspects this might be the opening act of an invasion by the Tau, or possibly a natural disaster.


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