Auria Sector History

The history and some of the politics of the Auria Sector as a whole. Back to Chronology

Pre-Imperial Times

Auria Sector was settled by Orks and humans in the time before the Imperium along with other assorted Xenos who held many small pocket empires. It is known the humans of this time warred with both the Xenos and the Orks, but did not manage to exterminate either. It is strongly suspected the Eldar had some limited engagement in the sector as well during this time period.

During the Age of Strife the limited human settlement here was cut off and either died off – suspected to be the cause of numerous dead systems or reverted back to a more feudal or feral existence. It should be noted that in comparison to other sector’s of space comparatively very fer humans were found on worlds here, but evidence of human activity exists on a much larger number of worlds.

Rumors and whisperings of that time speak of a war at the onset of the age of strife and a great fleet which disappeared but not before smashing many Xenos. The entire time has become a great myth about the sky wanderers.

Discovery by the Imperium, early history

It was not until the Age of Forging in the late 32nd millennium that further investigation was sent into the sector by Rogue Traders, and it was not until the middle of the 33rd millennium that Imperial presence was felt. In the last years of the 33rd millennium the process of converting Auria into a sector had already begun, headed by a Rogue Trader Dynasty. This dynasty was the Jalthero Dynasty who’s many scions settled not just the Auria Sector but others as well. Many rivals attempted to dispute the Jalthero’s control of the Auria Sector, some Rogue Traders and some native human warlords and even Xenos leading to a succession of devastating wars which finally came to an end when the first Saint of the Sector appeared, Alwina Thorus or Saint Alwina whom many are named after.

Saint Alwina came into the sector after an Imperial survey vessel was attacked, and being a fairly new member of the Ecclesiarchy she did the only thing she thought proper. With the aid of Imperial Generals and Admirals she formed the face of divide and conquer warfare against the Xenos first and some independent human warlords as they were easier targets than the Rogue Traders who had warp drives and skilled navigators. Quickly bringing most of the independent humans into line she allied with the Jalthero Dynasty and began marshaling her forces to bring the last elements into line with Imperial policy believing a show of force combined with the peaceful offers and preaching of the priesthood would end any resistance.

However she was saved the need. The remaining Xenos combined into the Talifax Coalition, and the Orks within the Sector, and some from beyond began a great WAAAAAGH into the Auria Sector. Using newly arrived imperial forces, including Deathwatch space marines. After several preliminary skirmishes Imperial Headquarters was established on Auria combing forces with the Jalthero Dynasty especially to beat the Xenos back in the Auria Crusade.

Auria Crusade

Age of Apostasy

Dynasty and late history

Recent History, End of Dynasty and Dartal Celvir’s role as Sector Lord

Power Groups

Auria Sector History

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