Auria Sector

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The places within the Auria Sector presented in alphabetical order. As it is near the Tau Empire the sub-sector is fairly militarized. Less than a hundred worlds are present, and the actual boundaries of the sector are ill defined, however a great deal of balance is in this sector, its almost self-sufficient.

The Auria system is the head of the sector, however two lesser regional centers exist, one at the Barla System and another at the Duura System. One system worth noting as well is the Adeptus Mechanicus system of Veruz which houses two forge worlds and is the organizations primary presence in this system.

Border Worlds describe those that form the border with the Tau Empire and a source of much illicit trade.

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Auria System: Auria System
The head of the sub-sector. Sector Capitol is on Auria Prime, Auria IV is a mostly frozen mining colony.

Planets: Auria Prime, Auria IV

Barla System:
The most populated system in the sector, a major production center and home to the Hive World Barla II. It unfortunately lies very close to the Tau Empire and has often called up regiments to defend the border less than eight light years away. This is where defense against the Tau is coordinated often serving as a overall command post for Imperial forces. The system consists of Barla II the hive world, the Agri-World Barla III responsible for feeding much of the region, and Barla IV and Barla V which serve as mining worlds to feed the factories on the hive cities of Barla II. Barla makes just about any good in the Imperial Arsenal though somewhat notoriously they tend to be of normal or poor quality. Baara also has significant orbital dockage.

Planets: Barla II, Barla III, Barla IV and Barla V

Duura System:
A major production center and shipyard, Duura only has a single habitable world amidst several gas giants. This world of Duura is one of the nicer places to live in the sub-sector and is one of the rare few worlds in the Imperium with any concept or use of the ideals of a republic and the only one in not just the sub-sector but the entire sector with such odd beliefs. Duura, is a production center mainly for infantry arms and armor, ammunition and light vehicles along with some ships of the Imperial Navy. They are known for high quality goods and house most of the sector’s ‘corporate’ interests, merchants, traders etc along with well equipped troops. However Duura is relatively far from the front-lines of the sector and is thus often the butt of jokes being seen as soft and over-equipped and overfed. Duura is self-sufficient.

Planets: Duura

Haarana System:
Home to two inhabited planets, Haarana is home to the single largest prison in the sector/mining colony of Haarana Prime for which the system is named. The second world of the system is a primarily agricultural world of Theris, which to this day is still fighting low level Ork incursions into its territory as despite numerous Imperial efforts they never managed to entirely wipe the Orks off of Theris.

Planets: Theris, Haarana

Ixicalr System:
Home to the Death World Malfax, Ixicalr has no other real value besides being a somewhat convenient place to stop over on voyages through the sector. The result is a large space station over Malfax called Fort Solitude. Malfax itself has three continents, the two large ones known as Hunted and Stalked respectively are what gives the planet its Death World distinction, as human tribes eke out a living in the relativity tropical climate of Hunted and Stalked. The third continent is close to the northern pole however, and is significantly colder smaller and has significant volcanic activity. Here on Velthurlund the third continent the large beasts of the southern two continents are not seen, save in much smaller versions and the plant life is different leading to a mining colony and a few scattered towns being present on Velthurland to take advantage of ore deposits which help feed the material needs of Fort Solitude.

Planets: Malfax

Naloura System:
Only has one inhabited world, Naloura Prime – though several gas giants are present in the system. Naloura is an Imperial World, slowly progressing into a Hive World with a Hive already present on its surface, the Capitol Naloura-Rethen. Uniquely cloud cover in Naloura is thick enough to cause those under it to live in endless night, and the vast majority of human settlement is above the clouds, which have conditions similar to Earth. Under the clouds is still a mysterious place with atmospheric pressures going to near three times that of Earth, many non-sentient xenos creatures and supposedly mutants.

Planets: Naloura

Saldur’s Peace:
A rather indistinct system home to the only shrine world in the sector known as Saldur’s Peace, which the system is named after. The imperial saint of Saldur is one of two widely venerated in the Auria Sector, for piety and will to keep the human colonies here together fighting countless battles mostly political to keep the sector connected and united as one sector. One legacy of Saldur is the smashing of a few lesser Xenos in the early years of the 37th millennium, the settlement of Naloura and her most famous accomplishment is holding the sector together during the age of apostasy given the widely different factions, she managed to keep the peace by focusing efforts elsewhere. Saldur’s Peace is where she died peacefully lord of the entire Auria Sector. Saldur did not have any children and thus lordship passed to her distant family Aurux Hailine leading to the Hailine dynasty which ended only recently. Sadlur’s Peace contains the world so named with significant resources as a naval center of the system.

Planets: Saldurs Peace

Veruz System:
The only system owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus in the Auria Sector, it consists of two Forge Worlds, know as Omega-Veruz and Alpha-Veruz respectively which are the only two habitable worlds in the system, they also share the same orbit each being on the opposite side of the sun and orbiting at the same speed, being about the same size leading to the nickname of the Twin Forges. The other worlds of the Veruz system are poorly mapped icy rocks at the edge, or exploited gas giants. Many asteroids are within the system and in the process of being mined to support the forge worlds – though a rumor states there was a planet of xenos here and the Adeptus Mechanicus blew the entire planet up to exterminate them. Despite protest, the rumor and fools who would follow it persist into the system.

Planets: Alpha-Veruz and Omega-Veruz

Auria Sector

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