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Sample – Greius Crystals


This bizarre race of Xenos has been sighted recently by Imperial standards, and these crystalline beings are dangerous especially given the rather unique physiology. A Greius Crystal when not in motion typically appears to be a inanimate object in crystalline shape of various col orations or colorless and are capable of being perfectly and absolutely still by all appearances for years or decades until some unseen impetus awakens them and in this manner they have been capable of infiltrating the Imperium especially the immature forms. As of this time there is no known method to easily distinguish a Greius Crystal from any other crystal when still though suggestions abound of close up inspection possibly enabling detection. They seem to have no warp presence.

A Greius Crystal goes through several life-stages, starting as a small ‘shard’ or embryonic form which is incapable of movement but under the right conditions will grow into an immature form. There exists an demand in the black market for such crystals for use in targeters or other equipment completely unaware that they are the seeds of a Xenos species. It can take decades for them to awaken and grow further and they can somehow seed other such crystals. There is good news as the conditions for growth and eventual awakening into a immature form seems to need to be extremely precise, likewise the amount of material suitable for inclusion into the Greius Crystal’s lattice is very limited and they can take years to grow properly – however a fair number of optical systems such as targeters or other specialist equipment of the Imperium uses in waging war does contain the materials they need to consume, causing some to speculate the planting of Greius Crystals to be a planned operation. The bad news is with technological means they can accelerate this growth – or repair themselves with great ease, most of their weaponry fires embryonic forms of the crystals seeding them throughout an area and they have no real upper limit upon their growth. The star-ships of the species are large members of their species grown into that size. Greius Crystals reproduce asexually by splitting into two or more small crystals and undergoing rapid growth – sometimes this process can be caused involuntarily by battle sustained damage, or via the slow growth of the shards often fired by their own weaponry.

The next stage of life past the shard stage is an immature form, which are either colorless or slight prismatic coloration and larger size. The immature form has no innate specialization or regenerative abilities of the mature forms, in addition for an unknown reason they are never with the mechanical devices other mature forms of their species use to enhance their own effectiveness instead using lesser means if any. Because they are often found without any technology to point to them as Xenos most assume they are simple crystals and they may be harvested unknowingly, or if a few fall out of the sky for instance no one may take overt interest in them. They use a bizarre pseudopod like appendage extension of their form to interact with objects which may emerge from any part of the crystal’s surface.

The stage of life afterwards is known as the mature forms, which wield technology to augment their abilities, as weaponry or display impressive regenerative abilities. Thankfully the purpose of a mature form and much of its abilities is tied to its coloration, a product of impurities being absorbed into the crystalline lattice enabling quick identification. In addition it seems they need help to reach this stage as it is almost never seen occurring in the immature forms which cause infestations – however they are much more capable than the less mature brethren. It is unknown how exactly it proceeds further, but they can reach the sizes of tanks and titans, even eventually starship sizes – it is suspected that this is reached via some method of merging that larger members undergo.

Greius Crystals are immune to most biological attack even the famed life-eater virus, with disease and poison being completely useless against them. In addition flamer based weaponry is noted as being not as useful, electricity can actually heal them so its use against them is strictly prohibited. That said with the right impact the crystals can shatter slaying the creatures, and sometimes they are extremely brittle, in addition they are not very agile. However they can never be disarmed and display truly impressive amounts of coordination. It is suspected heretics are aware of their properties and might be seeding them throughout Imperial worlds.

Special Traits (For all Greius Crystals – and potentially any other fun things):

  • Crystalline – All Greius Crystals are crystals more or less, as such the effectiveness of attacks depends greatly on where it is hit and when. Since they shift movement and the lattice is always changing to accommodate the pseudopod or pseudopod sometimes they are exceptionally tough, other times not. To reflect this every round or every time the crystal is attacked (GM’s discretion) the crystalline entity rolls 1d100 to determine its toughness – if 0 is rolled the next attack shatters it. In addition due to the rigidity of movement imposed by its crystalline structure it takes a -10 penalty to dodge rolls. Crystalline creatures shatter and die whenever a critical hit or righteous fury is struck against them.
  • Harden – This is a reaction possibility, which can be used instead of dodge. Against the attack add 5 points to toughness bonus, if multiple attacks come from the same source this works on the first one, and only with a toughness test may it work against additional attacks one for each degree of success on the toughness test. If an attack ignores toughness for whatever reason, harden does not work as a reaction. (Suggested prerequisite – Crystalline, but GM’s discretion here)

Immature Forms

Colorless form (Greius Immatura Pellucidity)
Traits: Size – Scrawny, Crystalline, Harden, From Beyond, Unnatural Senses (10 meters), Sturdy, Unnatural Physiology
Skills: Awareness, Dodge
Talents: Resistance (Cold, Heat, Psychic Powers), Hardy

Stats – WS 30, BS 30, S 30, T * (Crystalline), Ag 24, Int 27, Per 30, WP 20, Fel 15
Wounds: 8
Movement: 1/2/3/4
Weapons: Immature Shard Launcher (Range 25m; S/-/-; 1d10 + 1 I; Pen 2; Tearing, Scatter), Greius Immature Edge (1d10 + 3 I; Pen 2; Balanced, Flexible)

-The youngest mobile form, the colorless and transparent form is small, and grows its own weapons, such as the shard launcher or the edge which are attached to its form. If it stays still a difficult (-10) perception test is needed to detect anything odd about it. It comes in an extremely wide variety of shapes but is always colorless, and frequently seems coated in some kind of goo, which is its pseudopod which is uses for manipulation and movement. It is from here that it adjusts its form to have both a shard launcher and a edge similar to both a whip and a knife. They are typically encountered in groups of 3-5, though they have been found alone – much to the great surprise of those who thought them inanimate objects. They are incapable of communication with any but their own kind.

Prismatic Form (Greius Immatura Prisma)
Traits: Size – Average, Crystalline, Harden, From Beyond, Unnatural Senses (15 meters), Sturdy, Strange Physiology, Natural Armor (2)
Skills: Awareness, Dodge, Speak Language (If its been around other species), Psyscience
Talents: Resistance (Cold, Heat, Psychic Powers), Hardy, Catfall, Disturbing Voice, Double Team, Mimic

Stats – WS 35, BS 35, S 34, T * (Crystalline), Ag 27, Int 31, Per 34, WP 25, Fel 17
Wounds: 10
Movement: 2/4/6/8
Weapons: Immature Shard Launcher (Range 25m; S/-/-; 1d10 + 1 I; Pen 2; Tearing, Scatter), Greius Immature Edge (1d10 + 3 I; Pen 2; Balanced, Flexible)

-The older immature form, it is not opaque unlike all the mature forms but instead has hints of color and is somewhat translucent, like the smaller form its weapons are grown from within itself. To detect anything odd a +0 perception test is required when immobile/inactive. It is an intelligent creature and may use the pseudopod as a vocal organ, drawing in with the goo that forms the pseudopod and surrounds its crystalline form when active to reproduce or make sounds, allowing it the ability to converse. The hints of color inside it are due to impurities within the crystal lattice giving it the coloration – one impurity or a combination will come to dominate in the mature forms leading to specialization. It is thought it takes about a year (or less with technological means being capable of speeding growth, places like manufactories tend to have some of the tools needed) for the Prismatic Form to arrive from the Colorless Form, and the transformation has been seen and recorded. It is unknown exactly how it proceeds to a mature form but similar processes are thought involved, luckily it seems without their own Xenos technology present most Greius Crystals cannot mature fully – nevertheless they remain dangerous opponents even in the immature forms found infiltrating the Imperium. They commonly lead the Colorless Forms, usually they are encountered working in pairs or trios with 6-10 Colorless Forms under them.


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