Venetta (Hunting Rifle)

This beautiful weapon is carried by Xanthis Severus.

weapon (ranged)

Craftsmanship: Best
Special Qualities: Accurate (+10 to Ballistics Skill when used with Aim Action)
Modification: Telescopic sight, Silencer.
Class: Basic
Range: 150m
Rate of Fire: S/-/-
Damage: 1d10 +3 I
Penetration: 0
Clip: 5
Reload: Full
Total Weight: 6.7kg


This rifle has been passed down by assassins who lived on Orbital 75J-98B for generations. Xanthis received it from Freeblade Barkkus when his talent was realized and his employ became more often. He keeps this rifle nearby at all times rarely letting it out of his sight for long.

Venetta (Hunting Rifle)

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