Modular Armor

Archeotech Armor


Armor Points: 7
Area Covered: All (Except Head – detachable and can be replaced without effecting the rest)
Power Slots: 8
Modular Slots: 2
Weight 18 kg
Cost: Priceless (Archeotech)
Availability: Near Unique
Quality: Good, first attack against wearer in a round

Armor capabilities and special properties are greatly effecting by number of power slots. Modular Slots upgrade existing capabilities and or add new ones. Most ability uses consume a Power Slot. Power Slots may be regained with a charger or using systems in the armor itself which require 1d3 hours of sunlight per charge.

Base capabilities:
Aside from the Armor already has several capabilities which are defined below. Unless stated otherwise each use subtracts one Power Slot, if none remain no ability can be activated.

-Enhancement → The armor in function by itself boosts strength by +5 points, if the helmet is worn it counts as a re-breather granting bonuses against toxins of +20. In addition the suit allows for reclamation of water, keeps temperature regulated very well ensuring comfort and adds a +10 to any concealment tests against infrared sensors or creatures whose sight is based on heat, while enabling prolonged exposure to the elements of artic or desert conditions. This does not consume a Power Slot directly, it just represents normal operation of the armor; every 1d3 + 5 hours remove one Power Slot to represent normal operation.

-Brace! → Using a Power Slot you brace for an attack and thus the armor is strengthened. This ability can be activated as a free action the moment you know an attack has hit. Either the next four attacks to hit you are considered primitive weapons (Or if primitive weapons do no damage at all). In addition for the next three minutes consider the AP given by the armor to be 9. Alternatively you may simply expend one Power Slot and ignore one attack, within reason (GM’s discretion).

-Strength Boost! → By using a Power Slot you increase your Strength by 15 for 3d10 + 10 minutes.

-Agility Boost! → By using a Power Slot you increase your Agility by 15 for 3d10 + 10 minutes.

-Toughness Boost! → By using a Power Slot you increase your Toughness by 15 for 3d10 + 10 minutes.


Modular Armor

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