Rogue Trader Etale


Rogue Trader Rank 3


Height: 5’8
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Black but is beginning to Grey and thin.
Age: 37 (Physically thanks to limited rejuvenation) 56 (Chronologically)

One of the foremost rogue traders of the newly founded Caladar Rogue Traders, Etale is a former adept of the Administratum and fairly skilled at getting the Imperial Bureaucracy to work for him being a former member of its accounting department. Despite his comfort in the role, he was politically chosen for his ties and reliability.

Etale commands a Light Cruiser of an ancient class that was recently retrofitted by the Adeptus Mechanicus named the Taxing Way. His Writ of Trade unlike the vast majority the Caladar Star Cluster Rogue Traders does not restrict him to trade with the Caladar Star Cluster and has no conditions or provisions.

Known Associates, Rogue Trader Alwina.

Rogue Trader Etale

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