Rogue Trader Alwina

Rogue Trader of the Caladar Rogue Trader's Union


Rank 2 Rogue Trader


Only recently has she been given her warrant of trade, however Alwina is already making the best of herself. An exiled politician from the Naloura System, Alwina was one of the political elite of the system however on the verge of being promoted further to ruler of Naloura her rivals collectively called in just about every favor they have with the Imperium at large.

In the end, they managed to ruin most of her financial might and stopped her by making her into a Rogue Trader for the newly found Caladar Star Cluster. She has unlike most of those Rogue Traders only been at the field for three years, but is absolutely voracious appetite for riches wise, first to rebuild her fortunes and second to eventually gain the upper hand against rivals from home who so humiliated her in the past.

She stands at 5’10, looking very plain with a sort of hunger in her eyes. She is reckoned one of the more influential rogue traders of the Caladar Star Cluster Rogue Traders Union (CSCRTU) and uses a frigate for her operations.

Known associates: Rogue Trader Etale

Rogue Trader Alwina

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