Sororitas Power Armour (with Helmet) 8 20 S
Power Sword 1d10
5 E 6 Pen Balanced, Power Field
Godwyn-De’az Storm Bolter and 2 reloads 1d+5 X 4Pen Clip 60 S/2/4
Chaplet Ecclesiasticus (acts as a charm)
Ring of Suffrage
copy of the Rule of the Sororitas
flail (for self-flagellation)
writing kit
Shield Robes

50 Thrones

Blessed Ignorance
-5 penalty on Forbidden Lore (Int) tests
Superior Origins
Willpower +3
Know your Place
Gain Hardy trait
Sign of the Aquila
-10 penalty to act against Ecclesiarchy
unmodified Willpower test to not make Sign of Aquila when facing Ecclesiarchial shrine or Chaotic spoor of the Ruinous Powers

Fate: 2

Ambidextrous Rank 3 200
Basic Weapon Training (Bolt)
Faith Talent (Hand of the Emperor) Rank 1 300
Hatred (Heretics)
Hatred (Mutants) Rank 2 200
Melee Weapon Training (Power) Rank 5 200
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pure Faith
Quick Draw Rank 2 100
Sound Constitution x2 Rank 1 400
Sound Constitution Rank 2 200
Sound Constitution Rank 3 200
Sound Constitution Rank 4 200
Sound Constitution Rank 5 200
Sound Constitution Rank 6 200
Tests of Faith Rank 6 300
Unshakeable Faith

Awareness Rank 1 100
Climb Rank 1 100
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) +10 Rank 3 100
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +10 Rank 3 100
Dodge Rank 3 100
Intimidate Rank 2 100
Performer (singer)
Scruting Rank 2 200
Speak High Gothic
Speak Low Gothic
Tech Use Rank 2 100
Trade (Copyist) Rank 1 100

Rank (6) Human Sister of Battle

Experience Spent/Total


Weapon Skill


Ballistic Skill


























+ Agility



Half Move: 3
Charge: 9





Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy)

Common Lore (Imperial Creed)




Performer (Singer)


Speak High Gothic

Speak Low Gothic

Tech Use

Trade (Copyist)


Accustomed to Crowds
Crowds are not considered difficult terrain, and when running or charging through a crowd a hiver takes no penalty to their agility test.

Hivers gain a +1 to initiative.

Hivers take a -10 to survival (int) tests and while out of proper hab a -5 to all intelligence tests.

Hiveworld Bonus Skills
Speak Language (Guant VII Dialect)(Int)


Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Proficiency in Primitive Melee Weapons.

Pistol Weapon Training (SP)
Proficiency in Solid Projectile Pistols.

Psy Rating 1
Psykers Ability Rating.

Career Bonus Skills
Speaking Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Psyniscience (Per), Invocation (WP), Trade (Merchant) (Fel), Literacy (int).


A Shadow over thy Soul
Dark Soul Talent granted in addition to 1d5 insanity and corruption points. (Result: +4 Each)


Sanctionite (Rank I)

Rank 1: Willpower Simple (100)
+5 to Willpower.

Rank 1: Perception Simple (100)
+5 to Perception.

Rank 1: Background
A Shadow over thy Soul.

Rank 1: Intelligence Simple (100)
+5 to Intelligence.

Neonate (Rank 3)

Rank 2: Psy Rating 2 (200)
Psykers Ability Rating.

Rank 2: Paranoia (100)
You are always on the look out and aware the galaxy is secretly out to get you. +2 to initiative and the GM may secretly make checks versus your perception to see if you notice hidden threats. Others, however, may find this mindset unnerving.

Rank 2: Sound Constitution (200)
+1 Wound.

Aspirant (Rank 3)

Rank 3: Minor Psychic Power x4 (400)00)
Psyker gains 4 additional minor psychic powers.

Rank 3: Awareness (100)
Grants Awareness Skill.

Rank 3: Deceive
Grants Deceive Skill.

Rank 3: Awareness +10 (100)
Awareness Mastery grants a +10 bonus.

Rank 3: Intelligence Intermediate (250)
+5 to Intelligence.

Rank 3: Willpower Intermediate (250)
+5 to Willpower.

Templar Tertius (Rank 4)

Rank 4: Psy Rating 3 (200)
Psykers Ability Rating.

Rank 4: Psychic Power (200)
Psyker gains an additional power.

Rank 4: Weapon Skill Simple (100)
+5 to Weapon Skill.

Rank 4: Weapon Skill Intermediate (250)
+5 to Weapon Skill.

Rank 4: Perception Imtermediate (250)
+5 to Perception

Templar Secundus (Rank 5)

Rank 5: Swift Attack (200)
Able to attack twice with a single melee weapon.

Rank 5: Battle Rage (100)
May Parry while in rage.

Rank 5: Mental Rage (100)
May use Psychic Powers while in rage.

Rank 5: Frenzy (100)
Enter a psychotic rage for combat bonuses.

Rank 5: Willpower Trained (500)
+5 to Willpower

Rank 5: Psychic Power x2 (400)
Psyker gains additional power.

Rank 5: Nerves of Steel (100)
Re-roll failed tests to avoid pinning.

Rank 5: Counter Attack (200)
Free attack with successful parry.

Templar Primus (Rank 6)

Rank 6: Psy Rating 4 (200)
Psykers Ability Rating.

Rank 6: Blademaster (100)
Your Mastery ensures you always strike true. When wielding a sword or knife, including chainswords and power swords, you may re-roll a missed attack once per round.

Rank 6: Charm (100)
Grants Charm Skill.

Rank 6: Scrutiny (100)
Grants Scrutiny Skill

Rank 6: Acrobatics (100)
Grants Acrobatics Skill.

Rank 6: Psychic Power (200)
Psyker gains additional powers.

Rank 6: Dodge +10 (100)
Grants Dodge Mastery.

Rank 6: Weapon Skill Trained (500)
+5 to Weapon Skill.

Rank 6: Combat Master (100)
Opponents gain no benefit from out numbering you.

Templar Ordinator (Rank 7)

Master Templar Calix (Rank 8)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 9)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 10)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 11)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 12)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 13)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 14)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 15)

Primaris Psyker (Rank 16)


Call Item
You summon a specially prepared item to instantly appear in your hand. To prepare an object you must spend one hour in deep meditation, infusing the object with your psychic imprint, and marking it with glyphs and runes. The object must be small and light enough to be carried in one hand. You may only have a single prepared item at a time.

You cause reality to blur around you, distorting your image and allowing you to blend in with your surroundings. You gain +30 bonus to Concealment Tests. In addition all opponents using ranged weapons to attack you suffer a -20 penalty to their Ballistics Skill.

Fearful Aura
You twist reality in such a way as to make you appear more sinister and dangerous. You become the source of dread for anyone who looks upon you. Whilst this power is active, you have a fear rating of 2.

You focus your concentration and slowly begin to lift off the ground. You can only move up or down while under the effects of this power, and you cannot rise higher than 5 metres. You can use this power to stop yourself from falling but must succeed on a difficult (-10) Willpower Test in addition to beating the PW.

You Channel your power into a single target to knit flesh and mend bones. You may only use this power on a willing target, including yourself. The target of this power recovers 1d5 points of damage (removing critical first).
Repeated uses of this power can be dangerous, however, not to mention painful, and the persons flesh rebels against the intrusion of warp energy. If a person (including the Psyker) is the subject of this power more than once in a 6 hour period, they must Test Toughness or take 1d5 points of Damage rather than being healed.

Inspiring Aura
You seem to glow with an inner light and all those around you are filled with confidence. While this power is active, all allies gain a +20 to Tests made to resist fear and pinning. They may also feel compelled to say nice things about you. Which is nice.

You tap into your unconscious to awaken a deeper understanding of your capabilities. Until the end of your next Turn, you may gain a +10 bonus to any one non-combat Test. After this point your enlightened mood fades.

It is said luck acts strangely around Psykers, no doubt in part by powers like this one. When you manifest this power, anytime before the end of your next turn you can re-roll any one of your dice. (including damage rolls).

Resist Possession
You create mental wards to shield your mind from the malign denizens of the warp. Any time in the next hour you may re-roll any failed Test to resist being possessed by a Daemon.

Spectral Hands
You create an invisible force that you may use to manipulate any object in 30 metres. The force has a Strength equal to your Willpower. This power lasts until the end of your next turn. Cannot perform precision actions or affect living creatures.

Staunch Bleeding
You stop blood loss in yourself or another creature.



Biomancy: Regenerate
You are able to knit back together flesh at a phenomenal rate, letting you swiftly recover any non-fatal injury. This is a hard ability to master, but the rewards are great—Regenerate can eventually regrow lost limbs and organs. Each round this ability is active remove 1d5 damage and have all fatigue removed. Once all damage is healed you begin to regrow lost limbs and organs.


Telekinesis: Catch Projectiles
You can use your telekinetic abilities to catch incoming projectiles. This power only works against solid projectiles and so energy attacks get through normally. Until the end of your next turn you automatically discound a number of ranged attacks equal to to your willpower bonus. the incoming missles hang in the air upon contact until the end of the next turn, where they fall to the ground.

Telekinesis: Fling
You can telekinetically fling unattended objects weighing up to 5 kilograms per willpower bones. You can throw it up to 3 times your will power bonus. To hitr a target test willpower. on a success resolve as if it were an attack. The object deals 1d10 impact damage +1 per 5 kilograms of weight.

Telekinesis: Force Barrage
As per force bolt, except you generate 1 bolt per will power bonus.

Telekinesis: Force Bolt
You hurl a tangible mental force at an opponent. Test will power to hit, if succussful your attack deals 1d10 impact damage +1 per willpower bonus.

1d4 + 0
+0 vs AC

Melee Basic


Storm Trooper Armor
Area: All
AP: 6
Weight: 17kg

Compact Stub Automatic Pistol
Range: 30
Rate of Fire: S/3/-
Damage: 1d10 +3 I
Pen: 0
Clip: 9
Reload: Full
Weight: 1.5kg
Ammo: 3

Cybernetic Eyes
Good Quality, Dark Sight
Takes no penalties for fighting in areas of dim or no lighting.

Force Sword
Damage: 1d10 +4 R
Pen: 6
Special: Balanced, Special
Weight: 3.5kg
Special Ability: In addition to normal damage, upon damaging an enemy a psyker may imbue the blow with psychic power. Treat this as a power with a threshold of 6. If successful roll opposed willpower checks, for every degree of success add 1d10 damage that bypasses toughness and armor.<brb>Force Weapons are not broken by a Power Swords field.

A small crystal amulet

Sanctioning Brand

Damage: 1d10 R
Pen: 2
Special: Balanced, Mono
Weight: 3kg











Thwe above goes in crunch, the following is for the bio section

Aetius Vigil


Gaunt VII, scum, villainy, and a hive assuredly. Though largely forgotten this world teems with life as the northern pole is covered in a single massive city. The only habitable portion remaining and not a inch of it is wasted as soaring towers dominate the sky. Of this hive was born Aetius to a family of moderate means. They did well as some of the few who knew how to maintain and expand the labyrinthine water system that fed the city. But this isn’t a story of Gaunt VII, (Would you like to know more?) or of water purification specialists. This is a tale of a Psyker.

He was in his early twenties when he first exhibited powers, and the harrowing he endured would leave its mark. By the time the dark ships took him, he was all to keenly aware of the dangers the lurked in the warp, and though he isn’t entirely sure how, he passed their tests. He was after his sanctioning sent to aid on the battlefields of his home in the Calixis Sector. He served with distinction aiding the Imperial Guard, gaining him the notice of the Templar Calix (Would you like to know more?) of Scholastia Psykana. Most notable is that despite talent and ability he was ever reluctant to use his Psychic Powers.

Eventually his battles would lead him to a fleet battle in the sector, his skill with his force sword and judicious use of his abilities saw him board the enemy flagship and singlehandedly carve his way to the bridge and eliminate its command staff. After his escape and recovery he was transferred to service in the Inquisition. (Would you like to know more?)


Paranoid and watchful, he picked up the nickname of vigil during his templar training on the polar ice cap of scintilla. Generally detached he views others as game pieces on a board, to be moved or manipulated without care to their own desires. If the situation requires the majority to be sacrificed for victory so be it, as long as it isn’t him. While he wouldn’t see it as cowardice he tends not to put himself in danger unless there is no other option. You see, he is special. Billions are born across the empire every seconds, of those less then a percent will be a Psyker, of those only a portion will be taken by the black ships, even less proven worthy of sanctioning, only a part of them deemed worthy of battlefield status and how few of them would survive as long as he or have the skills he is in possession of. Guardsmen, a coin a legion; Assassins, always more to recruit; Tech-priests, can you even tell them apart?

It isn’t personal, he is simply better than you on a genetic level.


A hiver, Aetius is of a lean wiry build, standing 1.88m(6’2") tall and weighing in at 69kg(152lbs). His skin is fair and he has dark brown hair with grey streaks, and his eyes are well crafted cybernetics with a blue glow about them. His walk is confidant and manner is calm, albeit he is often searching with his eyes for potential dangers.



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