Inqusitor Darlan Ethios

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Darian Ethios at first glance is fairly military looking, many have confused him with an Imperial Tactician or an Imperial General. He stands around six feet tall and is fairly non-descript. However he is an experienced member of the Ordo Xenos and well respected by many, not for his admittedly somewhat meager achievements in battle but for possessing a truly rare trait in the Inquisition. A lack of political enemies. This combined with natural leadership and oratory abilities and being a good judge of character has made him into a compromiser, capable of getting multiple disparate factions to work together and here as opposed to purging the hated tyranids is where he often serves, smoothing relations not just in his own order, but in the Ordo Herictus, and Ordo Malleus along with Ordo Minoris and the radical-puritan divide.

Details on his background before he became of the Ordo Xenos are sketchy, he served with the Imperial Navy and has fought with both Tau and Tyranids at some point in the past and then from there somehow became an inquisitor. He does have military experience and some expertise and for this combined with his ability to forge a compromise have led to his overall ‘command’ for now of the Caladar Cluster situation.

In terms of persona, he is very well known for being straight spoken, giving acolytes of all levels the ‘real deal’ along with being to the point with inquisitors and inquisitorial lords. He is widely known for giving Acolytes and Agents of his a very very long leash along with many tools.

Inqusitor Darlan Ethios

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