Dartal Celvir, Auria Sector Lord

Governor-General of Auria Prime, and man in charge of the sector


Lord of the entire Auria Sector and utterly utterly paranoid. He has ruled Auria prime and the sector for almost a century amassing armies, weapons stockpiles etc for a coming conflict. Auria Prime while a decent place to live has gone from capitol of a backwater sector to an armed camp and this was before skirmishes with the Tau.

Under his command first the few Orks within the Sector were laid low and later when the Tau were encountered many skirmishes were had. In terms of actual battles many resembled skirmishes of the real fronts; indeed when the second Tyrannic War occurred all Auria Sector did was make a standing reserve in case more troops were needed and donate some war material being deemed too far from the front to do much.

Dartal is a competent ruler, but excels in paranoia, logistical concerns and manipulation of the greater Imperial Government’s branches, mainly by taking advantage of the backwater obscurity of the Auria Sector to increase arms production, training and even when not in time of war having a standing Imperial Guard ‘sector reserve’, ship building programs etc. Not even the Inquisitors know exactly how much material and men he has, finding loopholes in laws to keep some here and some there such that even if asked to stand down to peace conditions he still keeps more than normal numbers of forces ready. Much of why he can even maintain such is he has expanded the sector’s productivity and resource base, the mining colony on Auria IV is a good example of utilizing resources previously left alone. It should be noted that thus far the ship-building programs have not met with much success.

Dartal is a man with a large degree of cybernetics within him and is probably somewhere around 200-300 years of age, having supposedly risen from the ranks of a humble ensign in the Imperial Navy to a Sector Lord, along the way suffering horrific bad luck repeatedly yet always somehow surviving due to…paranoia and well prepared contingency plans. Of which all rumor mongers agree he has many many such plans evidenced with claims of buried minefields on Auria Prime, hidden artillery nests and some say several old Imperial Titans stashed away somewhere for an emergency.

Dartal Celvir, Auria Sector Lord

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