Dark Heresy - Caladar Star Cluster

Vigil Reports - Landfall

We have made it planetside and begun our first engagement. Intel thus far seems to indicate heretics in the fall of the embassy, indeed in the capitol as a whole. Current information indicates a attack against the capitol city by cultists, which as fortune would have it, our LZ is nearby their HQ. We have acquired an asset in the form of a local woman codenamed sleepy, she is set for vengeance against the cultist, though I am yet wary. Her story seems full of more holes than a gaunt mikilil, and I suspect she may be a danger yet, but we yet need her knowledge as a local guide and we’ll soon enough find the truth of her allegiance.

Our LZ seems to have buildings in poor condition, but with those and the landing pad it could serve as a good base of operations while were operating in the countryside; I therefore intend to request a few engineers and supplies be dropped off to better secure the LZ.

PS. The team seems to be a mess, no clear chain of command. Our sniper is apparently severely nearsighted except when using his weapons scope, and somewhat clumsy to boot. I do not understand how he operated solo before now, when within seconds of landing he found himself stumbling into a building and being trapped by rubble. The soldier, I suspected him a potential cleaner at first but.. I suspect him less now, seems to lack initiative, obviously used to having a commander, typical footman.



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